BON JOVI “Welcome To Wherever You Are” (CD+DVD Box set,UK,2005)


artist : BON JOVI
title : Welcome To Wherever You Are
country : UK
record label : MERCURY
item number : WELCOME1
(CD1 : 9879525, CD2 : 9879526, DVD : 9879529)
type :
media : 2CD+DVD
release date : 2005
price :
option : 2CD+DVD with LIMITED EDITION NUMBERD SLIPCASE, serial no.3659




song :

1 Welcome To Wherever You Are (JEREMY WHEATLEY Mix)
2 Last Man Standing (Live)

1 Welcome To Wherever You Are (JEREMY WHEATLEY Mix)
2 Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night (Live)
3 Wanted Dead Or Alive (Live)
4 Wanted Dead Or Alive (Live)

1 Welcome To Wherever You Are (Video)
2 Have A Nice Day (Live Video)
3 Who Says You Can’t Go Home (Live Video) *Live audio with Photo Gallery
4 Photo Gallery

All Live : 2005.09.19 NOKIA THEATRE, NEW YORK, USA




notes :
Welcome To Wherever You Are UK Edition which was single-cut from the 2005 album HAVE A NICE DAY. Two kinds of CDs and DVD are on sale, and a slip case type box with a serial number is attached. Live sound source, live image all from HAVE A NICE DAY promotion live performed in New York on September 19, 2005.

The first track of the DVD is a video clip. The third song Who Says You Can’t Go Home displays live sounds and promotional photos for albums with live sound sources. Photo Gallery in the fourth song corresponds to that picture.



備考 :
2005年のアルバムHAVE A NICE DAYからシングルカットされたWelcome To Wherever You AreのUK盤。CD2種とDVDが発売され、シリアルナンバー付きのスリップケース型の箱が付属。ライブ音源、ライブ映像はすべて2005年9月19日にニューヨークにて行なわれたHAVE A NICE DAYプロモーションライブより。

DVDの1曲目はビデオクリップ。3曲目のWho Says You Can’t Go Homeはライブ音源とともにライブ時の写真やアルバム用のプロモーション写真を表示。4曲目にあるPhoto Galleryがその写真に該当。




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