BON JOVI “Welcome To Wherever You Are” (Promo CD,MEXICO,2005)

artist : BON JOVI
title : Welcome To Wherever You Are
country : MEXICO
record label : UNIVERSAL / ISLAND
item number : CDP 201741
type : Promo
media : CD
release date : 2005
price :
option : Paper Sleeve




song :
1 Welcome To Wherever You Are

2-9 BON JOVI Interview Highlights
2 General Comments
3 The Single “Have A Nice Day"
4 Producer John Shanks
5 The Songwriting Process
6 How the Industry has changed
7 Misconceptions
8 The Secret to success
9 Most Proud Of




notes :
Welcome To Wherever You Are’s Mexican record promotional CD which was single-cut from the 2005 album HAVE A NICE DAY. The second to ninth song is an interview excerpt of BON JOVI members. A paper jacket.

Welcome To Wherever You Are is a mix version by JEREMY WHEATLEY.



備考 :
2005年のアルバムHAVE A NICE DAYからシングルカットされたWelcome To Wherever You Areのメキシコ盤プロモーション用CD。2曲目から9曲目はボン・ジョヴィのメンバーのインタビュー抜粋。紙ジャケット。

Welcome To Wherever You AreはJEREMY WHEATLEYによるミックスバージョン。



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