BON JOVI “In These Arms” (Cassette,UK,1993,Limited Edition)

artist : BON JOVI
title : In These Arms
country : UK
record label : JAMBCO / MERCURY
item number : (case) JOVMB 10, (tape) JOVMC 10 / 862 284-4
type :
media : Cassette Tape
release date : 1993
price :
option : Limited Edition Cassette Single with UK Tour Pass (Replica)

song :
Side A
01 In These Arms
02 Bed Of Roses (Acoustic)

Side B
01 In These Arms
02 Bed Of Roses (Acoustic)

notes :
The third single from the 1992 album KEEP THE FAITH. Limited edition of UK cassette. Comes in a paper case that can hold a cassette tape case. UK tour backstage pass (replica) included. The cassette tape has white letters printed on a transparent base.

備考 :
1992年のアルバムKEEP THE FAITHからの第3弾シングル。UK盤カセット限定盤。カセットテープケースを収納できる紙製ケース入り。UKツアーのバックステージパス(レプリカ)付き。カセットテープは透明下地に白文字印刷。

item no.1434