BON JOVI_”伊藤政則の遺言2″ (JAPAN,2018)



title : 伊藤政則の遺言2 (BURRN!叢書21)
issue : 2018
country : JAPAN
price : 1852yen(not
option : written by 伊藤 政則 (SEISOKU ITO, MASA ITO)

article : MASA ITO talk event “MASA ITO’s testamentary" is made into a book
pages : 232pages

notes :
MASA ITO Talk event “MASA ITO’s testamentary" is made into a book. It records from the sixth on April 10, 2017 to the eleventh on June 4, 2018.

The remark about BON JOVI comes out from the 8th. A story connected to MASA ITO for the first time since I met BON JOVI, to the first visit to Japan, recently why JON BON JOVI does not receive much coverage, a story that I had eaten without knowing BON JOVI’s catering, JON The story of an old house and grandmother, JON’s way of thinking about THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE TOUR, reason why I do not see BON JOVI’ s boot T-shirt, conditions RICHIE SAMBORA returns to BON JOVI, BON JOVI’s visit to Japan About concert venue issues related to the performance, promotion activities to fill BON JOVI’s Tokyo Dome performance, etc.

Many topics of BON JOVI are spoken more than the first episode.

備考 :

ボン・ジョヴィについての発言が出てくるのは第8回から。伊藤政則さんがはじめてボン・ジョヴィと出会った時から初来日時へとつながる話、最近ジョン・ボン・ジョヴィが取材を多く受けない理由、ボン・ジョヴィのケータリングを知らずに食べてしまった話、ジョンの古い家とおばあちゃんの話、THIS HOUSE IS NOT FOR SALE TOURについてのジョンの考え方、ボン・ジョヴィのブートTシャツを見かけない理由、リッチー・サンボラがボン・ジョヴィに戻る条件、ボン・ジョヴィの来日公演にも関連するコンサート会場問題、ボン・ジョヴィの東京ドーム公演を満員にするためのプロモーション活動について、などなど。


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