RICHIE SAMBORA_”ビンテージ・ギターをビジネスにした男 ノーマン・ハリス自伝” (JAPAN,2017)

title : ビンテージ・ギターをビジネスにした男 ノーマン・ハリス自伝
issue : 2017
country : JAPAN
publisher : RITTOR MUSIC
price : 2500yen(not
option : written by NORMAN HARRIS


article : Preface by RICHIE SAMBORA, Chapter 25 is written about RICHIE
pages : 376pages





notes :
Behind the scenes of the vintage guitar business written by NORMAN HARRIS who runs a long-established guitar shop NORMAN’S RARE GUITARS in Los Angeles.

RICHIE SAMBORA is also known for what he is doing, RICHIE himself is contributing preface. Chapter 25 is a full chapter written about RICHIE. It tells stories he has stumbled upon for JON BON JOVI’s birthday gift, episodes with fans who suffered from a serious illness, and so on. Japanese version (original title is Confessions of a Vintage Guitar Dealer: The Memoirs of Norman Harris).



備考 :
ロサンゼルスで老舗ギターショップNORMAN’S RARE GUITARSを営むノーマン・ハリス(NORMAN HARRIS)が書き下ろしたビンテージ・ギター・ビジネスの舞台裏。日本語版(原書のタイトルはConfessions of a Vintage Guitar Dealer: The Memoirs of Norman Harris)。




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